Earth Day – Sebastián Castro Duarte

Synthetic turf soccer field in Bogotá, Colombia
Synthetic turf soccer field in Bogotá, Colombia

This is a synthetic turf soccer field in Bogotá, Colombia. These types of fields began to be built in different locations in Bogotá around the year 2017, and in 2018, they began to be quite popular. Normally, these fields are located near to large parks. Thanks to this, in the case where the field is completely full, the other people will still have a large space available to play. The location is the most important factor for the popularity of these fields. It is very common for them to be close to stores, neighborhoods, shopping centers and other popular sites.

Although these courts are not a famous tourist site, they have great sentimental value for me. When I used to go to school, after classes, I used to go with my friends to these fields very often. We all like sports, so it was always a good way to have fun or be distracted, and every day you met new people. Due to the pandemic, for a long time we all had to stop going out to meet each other, but when the situation calmed down, the soccer fields were always our meeting place. Thanks to all this, these places will always be important to me.

Sebastián Castro Duarte