Students in the Intensive English Program receive personal attention from the program’s staff. Special services include the following:

  • Orientation to the program, the Rice University campus and the city of Houston
  • A Rice University Student ID that allows the student access to campus activities, such as movies, sports and concerts, free or at a reduced rate, for a fee of $10 per seven-week session*
  • Access to the state-of-the-art Recreation Center for a fee of $79 per seven-week session* (For more information visit
  • Immigration counseling
  • Academic advising for college and university admissions
  • Student progress evaluation at the end of each session
  • Access to campus parking in assigned areas for $33 per seven-week session*
  • Student activities each session, including picnics, the rodeo, the circus, sports events such as professional baseball, basketball and soccer, and field trips to museums and other destinations

*These fees may be subject to increase.