Admission to the Intensive English Program

Persons applying for admission to the Intensive English Program must have graduated from secondary school. Admission to the Intensive English Program does not constitute admission to any other unit of Rice University. Students will not receive academic credit for courses in this program.

All prospective students must submit a completed online application with their most recent academic transcript. Students must pay a non-refundable $100 testing and registration fee in order to submit their application. Students will be emailed instructions for paying the $400 application deposit once notified of admission to the program. New students must pay the balance of tuition by the placement test date for the session in which the student is enrolling.

Immigration Information

The Intensive English Program is authorized to issue the I-20 form required to obtain an F-1 student visa for full-time intensive English study. Students requesting an I-20 must present the following documentation to the Rice University Intensive English Program:

  • Application and a non-refundable $100 testing and registration fee (Fee must be paid at the time of submitting the application.)
  • Deposit of $400 (Payment is due when accepted into the program.)
  • Confirmation of financial resources ($3,665 per month for tuition and living expenses)
  • Most recent academic transcript
  • Copy of passport identification page(s) (The copy must show picture, name, birth date and passport expiration date.)

Transfer students must also present:

  • Signed transfer form from the foreign student adviser at the school the student last attended verifying eligibility to transfer. (The transfer form may be downloaded online or obtained from the Language Programs office.)
  • Copy of the I-20 form from the school last attended
  • Copy of F-1 visa page
  • Copy of I-94 admission form
  • Transcript from current school

The prospective F-1 student should present the following papers to a U.S. Consulate:

  • Passport valid for at least six months
  • Confirmation of financial resources
  • I-20 form (Some foreign nationals are required to present an I-20 showing acceptance to an academic program. The Rice University Intensive English Program cannot issue such an I-20.)
  • Receipt for I-901 SEVIS fee. (For further information, consult the U.S. government website.)

Click here for helpful tips for Applying for U.S. Visa

To retain F-1 visa status, a student must attend a full course of study (20 hours per week) in the Rice University Intensive English Program.

Prospective students must enter the U.S. on a student visa. Persons in the U.S. with diplomatic or other visas may also be eligible for the program provided study is not the main purpose of their stay in the United States.

Vacation Policy

Students must complete a year of study or have completed the highest level of the program before being allowed to take time off from study.

Confirmation of Financial Resources

As part of the I-20 application process, the student must demonstrate proof of financial support, for the duration of their planned length of study. F-1 students who will be accompanied by a spouse or unmarried child(ren) under the age of 21 will need to provide additional proof of funding ($250 per month for spouse and $110 per month for each child) for each dependent to cover dependent living expenses.

This may be done by submitting one or more of the following:

1. Bank Statement(s) showing any of the options below:

  • Personal funds
  • Family Funds plus a letter of support that includes the name (as shown on the bank statement), relationship, and state the intent to sponsor you during your studies. See sample letter for support.
  • Personal Sponsor plus a letter of support that includes the name (as shown on the bank statement), relationship, and state the intent to sponsor you during your studies. See sample letter for support

Bank Statement(s) must be less than 6 months old. Statement(s) must give the following details about the account:

  • Name on the account
  • Current balance of available funds.

These documents must also be presented to the U.S. Consulate with the visa application.

2. Affidavit of Financial Support (I-134) from an individual sponsor (U.S. citizen or permanent resident) inside the United States. Proof of financial resources must accompany the affidavit.

3. A scholarship letter from the sponsoring organization or government detailing the amount of support the student will receive and state the duration of funding.

NOTE: You may submit more than one bank statement to reach the required amount, but you must include a letter of support for each sponsor.

SEVIS Fee Information

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security charges a non-refundable $350 SEVIS fee for those seeking an F-1 visa from an embassy or consulate abroad for initial attendance at a school approved by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Fee payment is not required for F-2 dependents. This fee may be paid by submitting form I-901 online. You will need a credit card to complete the online form. Print a copy of the payment receipt which must be presented to the U.S. Embassy or Consulate before the F-1 visa will be issued. For more detailed information on the fee payment process, go to the SEVP website. The I-20 form is needed before you can fill out the I-901 form.